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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sky Watch 14th June 2008

On Saturday the 14th June 8 of us arrange to go on
a skywatch location North cliffs Cambourne Cornwall,
we witnessed a few odd lights in the sky Neil observed
a red light travel across the night sky , I saw a flash of light then witnessed a small light high up in
the sky which did change direction,
other than that, not much else was seen.
Time of sky watch 9.30 till 1.00am.
Weather: warm a bit cloudy: Full Moon


Gary said...

any body see the series if red lights looking from fowey overland towards Launceston tonight? the whole family saw a series of lights spiral up into the sky saturday 11.45

Cornwall UFO Research Group said...

Have you check out the story on http://cuforg.blogspot.com/,
did the lights that you witnessed look like them.