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Cornwall UFO Conference 2011

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15th A
nnual UFO Conference
Saturday 8th October 2011
Truro College (Lecture Theatre)

Fal Building

College Road, Truro, Cornwall.

Speakers for this year's conference:-

Tony Topping:-

Tony's Bio:-

Tony Topping began his journey in early childhood, and in the years ahead was subjected to extraordinary paranormal experiences and UFOs over his home which as a result brought harassment from an unknown covert agency intent on keeping the existence of UFOs quite. He has been to hell and back and began a steady stream of media contributions.
Tony Topping is a UFO & Paranormal Espionage Specialist contributor to the BBC, UFO Specialist In Residence For National Station Talksport, and also has appeared for Channel 4 and many others.
Title of Tony's talk:-
The Roswell UFO Incident (A Black Comedy)

Tony will take you on a tour of the Roswell UFO incident. From recovered UFOs & alien bodies, back engineered technology, US Intelligence, Majestic 12, The Collins Elite, his amazing conversation about Roswell with Jack A Shulman of American Computer Company a true black comedy, transistor development & Roswell, find out how this UFO incident impacted on every aspect of our civilisation or did it?

Marcus Allen:-

Marcus Bio:-
After a career with a major Motor manufacturer, Marcus changed jobs completely and became the UK publisher of NEXUS Magazine, which he and his wife first introduced to this country in 1994. Since then, he has appeared on many TV and radio programmes and given numerous presentations both here and abroad, discussing subjects sometimes considered controversial. These include the Apollo Moon Landings, political conspiracies, and UFOs, as well as promoting NEXUS Magazine. The continually increasing number of readers evidently like what they read - they have made NEXUS the world’s best selling alternative news magazine. He has found that selling a good magazine is very similar to selling a good car - both should have the ‘Wow!’ factor.
Title of Marcus Talk:-
Ancient Technology of the Egyptians:-
In modern times, granite is easily cut and shaped using diamond drills and tungsten-tipped chisels. In Ancient Egypt, 100 ton obelisks and blocks of granite were cut from the bed-rock, and shaped using diorite pounding balls, copper tools and sand. This is the accepted consensus. But these crude methods are so unlikely to have produced the visible results as to be, at best, simply a guess. The elegant and sophisticated artifacts seen across Egypt from Giza to Luxor to Aswan and displayed in the great museums of the world, are testament to whatever technique was used in their creation.
Today, this technology is a mystery to us. Stylized human/animal statues carved from granite, intricate hieroglyphs cut into granite obelisks and perfectly flat blocks of granite are some of the proof for this technology. The rain forests of South America might be the place to start looking for answers. In his illustrated presentation, Marcus will show evidence indicating the skills seemingly in use over 4,000 years ago. These results would be virtually impossible to replicate today, using the tools we are told were available in Ancient Egypt. But is the evidence for the actual technology simply ‘hidden in plain sight’?

Winn Keech:-

His great interest in UFO's is approached from a scientific and objective point of view. UFO and crop circle investigator Win Keech is clearly a man with a mission. He has been coming to the Vale of Pewsey in Wiltshire every year for 16 years. His hi-tech state-of-the-art cameras, which film in visible and infra-red light and are a hundred times more sensitive than the human eye, make him one of the top night-time, low-light photographers in the country.

Mike Freebury will be signing his new book at this year's conference the book will be released and on sale at the end of July 20ll,
below is the cover of Mike's new book, and of course
I am (Dave Gillham ) also in the book.

Mike Freebury (right) and Niel Roseveare (Left)www.cornwall-ufo.co.uk
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Although the speakers have agreed to give a talk at the Truro college for the Cornwall UFO Research group Conference, CUFORG will not be responsible for any alterations to speakers that have to cancel, or unforeseen circumstances.

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