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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

U.F.O.Sighting Porthmeor Beach Sunday 17/2/2008

Location of Sighting

A local man from St Ives around 11:45pm was just returning home from his friends house as he was passing Porthmeor beach (St Ives) a Orange/Red Orb caught his attention, the orb was just a few yards out over the sea from the beach the height was around 300 feet, the object was moving in a very strange way, like it was not knowing where it was going, also the orb would dim right down then would become very bright again, after watching this orb for some time, five people come out of a house adjacent to where he was observing the object, they where getting into their car.

The witness ask them if they could see the orb and they said that could also see it,
they all stood there watching this object, the Orb then came inland as it went off towards Zennor direction the Orb went very dim, the witness then went off home and the other people got into there car and drove off. : Footnote: Last year 2007 West Penwith saw a flap of the same objects, it seams that these objects are still been witnessed in that area.

Orange orbs over Falmouth July 2007

Enhanced Photo
In July of 2007 a person in Falmouth witnessed the same kind of Orbs; he took some photos of them around 20 in all. (I have put 1 of the photos in with this report)
Just received another ufo report from Porthmeor Beach.
Robin reported to me that his boss saw an orange orb fly out of the water down there about two miles out off porthmeor? it was on the eve of new years day about 6pm. The guy is X navy and he was totally stumped!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spectacular UFO sightings Vol. 1 (23/01/2008)

UFO`s filmed in United Arab Emirates

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ashtar Command message You Tube

In 1977 ITN News broadcasts in the south of England were hijacked by a signal that affected other television and radio transmissions. The signal carried a message from someone claiming to be one of the aliens of the Ashtar Command. To do this, and not get caught, especially in 1977 was no simple task. I think Mike Oram writes about it in his book.


Falmouth U.F.O. Picture & story.

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